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Kevin Cooper MD COCO Lighting

At COCO Lighting, we have been successfully servicing the lighting industry since forming in 2000 originally specialising in all forms of LED emergency lighting conversions. 

The business has evolved through our expertise and ability to solve customers problems with our in-house solutions that have grown to meet our customers demands. In recent years we have invested significantly in the design and development of several new lighting based technologies and innovations. Lighting is our passion and we ensure that not only are our staff up to date with the latest technology but provide our customers with the best customer experience and knowledge within the industry.

Kevin Cooper - Managing Director

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Emergency Lighting conversions LED

Emergency lighting conversion services
We are specialists in the conversion process for emergency and standard luminaires and have become recognised within the industry by ensuring our conversions comply with the current ICEL 1004: 2018 standard. Our emergency lighting conversion processes have been independently audited by the LIA’s- Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) to verify that all of our conversion works meet the highest standards of the Lighting Industry Association. The benefits of this are that our customers can have confidence that all their products are converted using approved components, using trained staff that follow strict conversion processes and guidelines. 
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Restoration of old luminaires
Conversion to LED
Our established luminaire design team offer a completely bespoke lighting solution. This can range from a single luminaire to a large scale project requiring modernisation to 1000's of units. Our re-engineering team have proven highly beneficial to many businesses wishing to convert their existing lighting from outdated and ageing technology to modern efficient LEDs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This service gives our customers the option to retain existing fittings and benefit from significant saving including the purchase of fitting, redecorating and of course the obvious saving of LED consumption and maintenance from traditional fittings. 
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Lighting Product Design at COCO Lighting

Lighting product design
Our highly experienced product lighting design team can offer customised and bespoke lighting solutions tailored to your requirements, providing new and existing customers creative freedom to make their designs truly unique. We also offer our clients the ability to see the full potential of their lighting design or conversion with highly detailed illustrations along with high resolution rendered visuals prior to final production.
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Lighting control panels

Control Panels
From a small simple box build to large and highly technical bespoke panel build assembly we can design, manufacture and assemble a wide variety of control panels, not just specific to lighting. As a BSI ISO9001 company we are dedicated to providing a first-class service and guarantee low costs and high quality on all our panels. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and have a wealth of knowledge in providing any volume required. 
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Photometric testing for lighting

Our in-house photometric testing enabling us to fully measure any light source quickly in one or more C-planes. Simply by measuring the beam angle, lumen, CRI, colour temperature, lumen per watt and flicker. With our EMC testing, we can help you provide compliance in demonstrating that your lighting product’s electronic emissions will not affect the normal operation of, nor be affected by, other products within the same environment to the EN55015 standard. Find out more

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