The conversion of standard luminaires for
emergency use can be a minefield. 

- How does this affect the CE and newly introduced UKCA marks? 
- Are the conversions carried out by a professional company? 
- Are these conversions safe?
When it comes to emergency lighting design, the UK stands out for its extensive use of integral emergency lighting conversions. By converting standard luminaires, a uniform emergency design is maintained, and the emergency lighting is situated in the right location. Self-contained, Integral emergency conversions clearly have design advantages, but it is paramount that these conversions are conducted by professional organisations that use highly skilled, trained staff and who use only BSEN compliant components.

Poor workmanship or badly constructed conversions can affect the integrity of the emergency lighting system. To reduce safety risks, installation issues and site problems, conversions should be fully tested and compliant. 

Specifers need to be particularly aware that as soon as a standard luminaire is modified in any way its UKCA/CE mark is invalidated until all the relevant tests have been carried out again.

At COCO Lighting we have been carrying out emergency conversions for over 20 years and is a member of the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL). We ensure each emergency converted luminaire has been tested in compliance with the recommendations of ICEL. As well as selecting compatible control gear, we carefully design the conversion layout to ensure each component operates safely and within specification.

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